Questions to Ask a Paving Installation Contractor 

Are you planning to install paving on your patio? Well, you’ve made the right choice. Installing patio pavers can greatly enhance your outdoor space. These pavers come in a range of textures, colors, and sizes.  

However, it will need special attention to properly execute a patio design. If a patio paver is not installed properly, it can make your patio unappealing. It can damage the look of your outdoor area. Aside from that, it can also lead to several foundational problems and drainage issues.  

Because of this, it is very crucial to hire the right patio paving company to do the job. Before you hire a paver installation Port St Lucie contractor, here are several questions you should ask: 

How Long Have You Been Installing Pavers? 

The experience of the contractor greatly affects the quality of the work. You will have to look for someone who understands what they’re doing. Paver installation is not just about laying aggregate. The contractor will also have to consider other things such as design, drainage, and much more. 

Do You Offer an Estimate? 

As a customer, it is your right to know how much you’ll spend for the installation of your patio paver. Because of this, you need to always ask the paving contractor to offer you a fixed price or a close estimate instead of a cost range.  

Do You Provide Guarantee on Your Work or Warranty on the Products? 

You also have the right to ask the patio paving contractor whether they provide a warranty for their services and products. In addition to that, a reliable paving contractor usually does not charge clients for repairs that are completed within a particular timeframe after the installation of the patio pavers. Thus, you should verify everything about this before you hire a company.  

Are You Licensed? 

A couple of contractors do not have the right licenses according to the state you are located in. You have to keep in mind that a license can guarantee that the services he offers to you are professional. Thus, you have to ensure the contractor has the right licenses to operate in your area before hiring one.  

Are You Insured? 

This is perhaps one of the most crucial questions you need to ask a paving contractor. Is the contractor insured or not? Keep in mind that every contracting service has worker compensation insurance and liability insurance. If the contractor you’re planning to hire does not have one, you will become liable for paying any damages that may happen during the project. Because of this, you need to ask any paving contractor for proof of insurance before hiring them.  

 Do You Have Testimonials or Reviews from Past Customers? 

Google is your friend if you want to read reviews about contractors. You should search the website of the paving contractor. Usually, their website will include more details about what their previous clients are saying about their experience with the contractors. You can also use other websites, such as Angie’s List, Yelp, and much more.  

Ideal Pavers for Swimming Pools 

You cannot complete your swimming pool if you do not install pavers around it. However, for maximum functionality and visual impact, you’ve got to choose the right stone. A high-quality pool paver can endure the pressures of regular exposure to chemicals, water, salt, and chlorine. Your pavers should not get slippery when wet and hot under the sun.  

Since there are a lot of options available, it can be a bit difficult to look for the correct option. So, before you hire a paver installation The Villages company, here are several types to consider: 


This type of paver is extremely durable. Thus, they’re ideal in tough environments. Longevity is perhaps the most popular feature of granite. For those who don’t know, old artists utilized granite to create the oldest sculptures in the world.  

When it comes to appearance, granite pavers match both modern and traditional styles. It is tight-grained with an even texture. Thus, it’s good for modern swimming pools. When it comes to safety, granite pavers have an anti-slip finish.  


Limestone is a natural stone that miners quarry. It has a variety of warm and elegant colors. Thus, it’s an ideal option for pool pavers. When it comes to appearance, limestone is mostly solid in color. It also has fewer striations and variations, unlike other pavers. It is also denser and more durable compared to other pavers since this stone has hardened naturally over time under extreme heat and pressure.  

If you want to increase the lifespan of limestone, you have to seal it properly. Aside from that, it will need routine maintenance to get rid of dirt from the surface. Lucky, maintaining limestone isn’t hard since it has a smooth surface.  


A lot of people use bluestone in their landscaping. However, it is also commonly used for pool pavers. Bluestone is extremely versatile. It offers a variety of aesthetic and functional values that are difficult to match.  

Bluestone has a rough texture. Thus, they’re ideal to prevent slips under wet feet. Also, you should keep in mind that you need to seal the bluestone paver to increase its lifespan. If you don’t, it will get damaged over time. If you’re going to install bluestone for your pool paver, you should not cut corners.  


This type of paver provides aesthetic benefits with practical ones, such as durability and non-slip surface. If you install travertine in your pool paver, it will appear stunning since it is decked in a variety of striking colors and styles. When it comes to safety, travertine has a porous surface. Because of this, it can quickly absorb water. The surface will always be dry.  

If you live in a hot region, travertine pavers might be a good option for you since they’re an excellent insulator. They can reflect the sun’s heat. In addition to that, it also absorbs the cool of the soil under it. This guarantees the floor will not get too hot even during the hot summer months. Thus, it’s an ideal option for your paver installation.